Oh, you know, this and that.

Julian starts school a week from Friday! We have two weeks left of our lazy summer days before he will return to his beloved German pre-school. I know I will totally miss him.

Before the summer started I thought it would a long summer. Without being able to send Julian to school, you know. Then summer was here, and it was awesome. School was the least of my worries. I was so happy to have my boys home with me all the time, to be outside and have fun. But then, just as the end is in sight, I started to really really anticipate the beginning of the school year. Julian misses school, too. He’s woken up many mornings asking if he was going back to school today. Two more weeks, kid. And then he will go three days a week, and I’m kind of excited and sad about it at the same time. Excited because he will love it. He will see his friends again and all the teachers he loves, make new friends and learn many new things. Also excited because I will get to spend some good quality time with Arthur. Yes, that 15 month old child of mine who has never had any one on one time with his Mama. I am super stoked. And sad because I know I will miss Julian. Because he’s growing up and having adventures that I won’t be a part of.

What else? We’ve been going on lots of bike rides. On Saturday we rode to Williamsburg and Greenpoint and then into Sunnyside and Long Island City in Queens. I just LOVE exploring the city and seeing places I wouldn’t normally go to. We’re also always keeping our eyes open and are looking at other neighborhoods we might possibly move to in a few years. Neighborhood shopping, you know.

10387890_286499211533886_1236423236_n 10597270_1447134118908802_1528208298_n

Yesterday we spent the day on Governor’s Island. We played and had a delicious picnic of homemade fried chicken and waffles and peaches and rode our bikes around. Arthur took a nap on me as opposed to on the bike, which was such a treat. I don’t get to smooch him enough. He is always go go go.

10601682_810694345641546_469733924_n 925072_718889164813800_1103386678_n

This morning we started the day off right and met our friends for playtime and lunch at the playground. Mondays are always rougher than any other day, so it was nice to see some friendly faces. One of my favorite parts about Julian’s age right now is overhearing him have conversations with his friends. The seriousness with which they approach every day subjects is so adorable and funny and cute. I just want to pinch their cheeks, but I try not to be that annoying mom. How embarrassing, mama.


Date Night, interrupted

Last night, as Jeff and I were on one of our rather rare dates – lovely dinner at Vinegar Hill House – I received a phone call from our babysitter. I couldn’t understand a word she was saying. All I heard was Arthur’s hysterical screaming in the background and Julian’s distress when he tried to tell me over the phone what very important item he was unable to find, which apparently led him to start crying in his bed and ultimately waking up his brother. The plastic carrot for his stuffed animal bunny, Hoppel. Hoppel was hungry. He needed that carrot. Now. Arthur, however, was tired and still recovering from 3 vaccinations he received the day before. He couldn’t have cared less about the carrot.

We told our sitter to put the kids back to bed and give it 20 minutes. When we learned Arthur was still crying, we took our last quick sips of wine and rushed home. This is the photo our sitter sent us:

photo 2-1


Arthur greeted me with the hug of a lifetime upon our return. I put him back to bed and retrieved the damn carrot from under Julian’s bed and placed it on the floor next to his alarm clock.

photo 1-1

Then I went ahead and ate popsicles and cookies in bed, next to my passed out husband,  feeling really glad that we had a these crazy kids to come home to. It didn’t feel like our date was cut short at all. We had such a lovely time out together, and we were both equally happy to come home.

The next morning Julian woke up and happily proclaimed that he found his carrot.

Good riddance, week.

This week since we’ve been back from the beach kind of sucked. Except I can’t really pinpoint why. Probably because we’re not at the beach?

I don’t like to write about days that don’t go well. I want this blog to be something I’ll want to read years from now and reminisce. But that wouldn’t be the whole story now, would it? Right.

So what happened this week other than us not being at the beach?

On Tuesday morning Julian tripped and fell, hitting his head on an edge. He screamed, and I immediately knew he was hurt. 5 seconds later he had a huge egg on his forehead, and then it started bleeding. So off we went to see our pediatrician, who – conveniently – was on vacation. At the beach, probably. See a pattern? Anyway, another nice, competent doctor taped him up (no stitches!) and we all went home to watch TV and eat lollipops.

10569966_517874188343386_452623975_n 10601838_1510148725863394_1454727509_n

Other than that I’ve had a babysitter who cancelled the one morning I have her so I can shop in peace, run errands, and maybe maybe read my book, Jeff had to work late, and we didn’t get to see many friends (or adult people for me to talk to) this week.

We did see our sweet friend Eloise on Tuesday. Eloise’s mom asked me if I wanted anything when we first got there…coffee, tea, water, beer, wine? BEER? No one has ever offered me a beer on a playdate. And so we drank beer as we watched our children play/destroy her place. It was divine.

I’ve just had very little patience this week, and there has been lots of whining. And lots of demands. Look at me! Play with me! I need want must have this! Play with me some more! I want this NOW! Talk talk talk all the glorious time.

Meanwhile, my other kid pulls stunts like this one:


And lastly, I’ve been surprisingly sad about Robin William’s passing. I never partake in public Facebook grief and such (not that there is anything wrong with it!), but his death totally made me cry on several occasions. Because when I let my mind take me to where I think his mind was, what despair a person must feel who is so loved and admired, who has family and so many successes, to think about the torment he must have felt that made the simple (or not so simple) task of living unbearable. I feel weird even writing about it, because in a sense I feel like I am not entitled to be sad about his death because I didn’t even know the man. But I can’t help but feel how I feel.

Anyway. It’s Friday. I’m ready to leave this week behind and head to the diner with our friends to stuff our faces with pancakes.

Life’s a Beach

At least our life was, for a week.

We spent a week in a beach rental in Avalon, NJ with family. There were six adults and five children five and under. So at least we were not out-numbered!

There were many magical moments this week, so why not do a good old list? Who doesn’t like lists, right?

Potty talk

Let’s just dive right in, shall we? The cousins got along great, and right away cousin Benjamin shared with Julian something he won’t soon forget: the beauty of potty talk. At night we could hear them in their beds next to each other talking and laughing for hours. The conversations would go like this, “Poopy butt!” Laughter from Julian. “Poopy on my head!” Laughter from Julian. And so on and so forth. Julian was a very captive, easy audience. Thanks for this valuable lesson, Benjamin.



Sneaking away for dates:

When the kids napped, we napped. Because the beach makes everyone tired. But then we woke up, and the kids were still napping, so sometimes we snuck out on ice cream dates or I went for a run on the beach. Also several trips to the ice cream parlor and a bar at night while Grammy offered to babysit. Good times.




Other than talking about poop and running away from our children, we ate non-stop. We woke up and started eating, and continued to eat until we went to bed. Scones, muffins, pancakes, bacon, eggs, bagels, fresh donuts, pizza, an assortment of grilled meats and fish. Whenever our bellies were full, our mouths would say, “MUST EAT MORE PRETZEL CHIPS NOW.” and “ONE ICE CREAM PER DAY IS NOT ENOUGH. GIMME MORE NOW.” And so we obliged.

The Beach:

When we took quick breaks from eating, we loved loved loved the beach. Of course I’m kidding. We brought coolers loaded with snacks and beer so we didn’t have to stop eating. One day we ordered pizza directly to the beach. Julian and especially Arthur were so in their element. Arthur just ran and ran and laughed and screamed at the ocean with pure delight. It was so beautiful to see them so free and happy. Blond hair all tangly from the salty air, hands sticky and sand all over. It was pretty much paradise. Except we were in New Jersey and not St. Lucia. I will never forget sitting with Arthur in my arms right by the ocean, nursing and cuddling my baby (He’s 15 months? SHUT UP.). And chasing waves and digging holes with Julian.

10584545_703467523034010_263927426_n 10549892_772745312748968_1703176927_n 10544286_254928137964995_157335627_n 1799593_670233586400555_1999066792_n926258_445266132280538_2031583538_n 924559_313437568835358_1559690946_n



The Cousins:

I loved spending so much time with our niece and nephews and watching the boys form friendships with their cousins. They all played so nicely together and took care of each other. There was hardly any fighting or bickering, except for who got to sit next to whom and too many hugs for Arthur and Baby Henry. Other than that: no complaints and much joy.




Totally the highlight of our trip for Julian. It’s like Coney Island, except so much bigger (and dare I say better?). The cousins went on all the rides. We ate (duh!) lots of good stuff and stayed out way past bedtime.

10597292_636704556444042_1853770471_n 10593345_1490985994482365_197384804_n 10576090_1479032925678952_1186211968_n 10570111_1516338658599534_297317132_n

10611261_701189979916842_1201621778_n 10483499_647442215362747_229346947_n


Every morning I wanted to get up early and watch the sunrise at the beach. Of course I never did and then had instant regret when one of the kids would wake me up anyway 30 minutes after sunrise. Because that’s what kids do. Then Arthur came down with a cold and partied all night, and so on our last morning I got up with him at 5:30am and snuck out to the beach. We walked for about 30 minutes in the cool morning air and then sat down and snuggled and watched the sun rise on the horizon. I chased Arthur up and down the beach in his footie pajamas and then went back to the house for a cup of hot coffee. It was a perfect good-bye to a wonderful week at the beach.