Ice cream for all, every day

Today was a good day that ended on a not so good note. But then at the very last minute it turned around again and ended lovey. Not lovely. Lovey.

I had no patience at dinner time. Then there was some potty drama (yes, that’s happening, lord help us) and Arthur’s hands busily playing inside of the potty while I tried to save the Mater (Cars, anyone?) underpants. They couldn’t be saved. Arthur’s hands, however, could. Also, Julian sat at the dinner table for more than an hour, nibbling on his broccoli (because look mama, I’m eating it! Just very sloooooowly!) and making plans for all the fun to be had after he was done. When I broke the news to him that nothing other than going to bed would happen after this never-ending dinner, all hell broke loose.

We made up later lying in Julian’s bed together. This is by far my favorite thing about him having a toddler bed, although I can probably count on one hand the times I’ve actually laid there with him. Tonight we snuggled up and whispered sweet nothings to each other until Julian told me I had to go to my own bed now. Sweet dreams, mama.

These boys. We were on such a high this afternoon. Everything went smoothly, everyone was happy and kind to one another, there were juicy peaches and swings and a breeze – and OMG no one fell or got hurt, and that never happens.

photo 3


photo 2 photo 5

Arthur leaned in for a kiss, but he just opens his mouth and sometimes, if we’re lucky, sticks out his tongue, so Julian smooched him on the nose. And it was the most adorable thing I had seen all day. Also, for the rest of the day, they both smelled like peach.

photo 1

Then Julian said, “Mama, I have an idea! After this playground we should go to the ice cream truck and eat a delicious, cold ice cream. That is my idea.” And because a) it was a perfect day and b) this kid and his big blue eyes waiting for my answer and c) I WANT ICE CREAM, we all had ice cream. I literally cannot ever say no when he asks if we can have ice cream. Then Arthur starts clapping in anticipation as soon as he gets wind of what’s happening. “I want chocolate dipped today” is all I heard as Julian was riding his bike down the Promenade. And so it was. Chocolate dipped for all.

photo 4

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