Yay ‘Murica

We had a great Fourth of July. Mostly because Jeff was off for a super long weekend (four days!) and also, yes, Germany made it to the semi finals. Also, happy birthday, America! We celebrated by being lazy, watching soccer, and letting the kids run wild. And then we rode our bikes to Redhook and had dinner at our favorite place, Brooklyn Crab.

photo 1-1 photo 2-1

photo 1-2

For dessert we shared a banana split the size of Arthur and then let the kids play for a while outside in the sandbox. Just to see how well sand sticks to faces covered in ice cream residue. Fairly well, in case you’re wondering.

Then we rushed home so we could get them to bed before the fireworks started. Our neighborhood was overrun with spectators. There was no way we would even attempt to go near the Promenade. So the kids went to bed, and Jeff and I headed to our roof and watched the fireworks from there. It was loud and smoky and kind of cool.

photo 3-1

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