My coming-out as Lunch Lady

So….I’m not sure how to start this… Hi! In my free time I cut sandwiches into animal shapes, strawberries into hearts, and I make pancakes out of veggies.

About a year ago, I think after Arthur was born, I started making elaborate lunches for Julian. He had just turned two and was, imagine that, a picky eater. I wanted to find a way to make food fun and give him options. And then I got carried away. 


Are you still with me?

I bought this lunchbox and have been using it pretty much every day since. I’ve made hundreds of lunches.


I like doing it. I prepare lunch in advance so I don’t have to do it when Julian is hungry and scramble to put something together. He gets different options and feels like he’s in charge because he can choose from a variety of foods. It makes him happy. I can’t count the times he has said, “OH! Mama!” with excitement. Just yesterday he said that this was his favorite lunch yet. I like thinking about new things to feed my kids. I like making food fun and healthy and colorful. Whatever. I’m Lunch Lady!  


Does he always eat everything? Not always, but usually, yes. Lunches tend to be sandwiches, fruit, cheese, and turkey. We all eat dinner together, and that’s where he gets his fish, meat, and veggies. 

Of course now I make lunch for another kid as well. Arthur usually gets something similar to what Julian gets, but he doesn’t care about the presentation, so he gets his all in little containers or on his tray. He also gets more vegetables because he likes them. Portion-wise he eats about the same amount as Julian. Both my boys can eat. And nothing makes me happier than feeding my family.

If you had told me, five years ago, that one day I would be baking kale muffins and sweet potato pancakes, I would have called you crazy. I was living a completely different life.

I’ve always enjoyed cooking, but I totally love cooking and baking for my family. Of course I don’t love it every day. I love it a little less right now because Arthur has learned how to climb up the stove and touch the burners, so that’s a great skill if you want to go to the ER anytime soon. And some nights are just crazy and I can barely scramble to get anything on the table. Some nights we order in or go out. And I don’t cook on weekends. But during the week I bake and make granola; I make Jeff’s lunch and lunch for the boys and me; breakfast and dinner. And I love all of it. 

Hell. I am Lunch Lady.


3 thoughts on “My coming-out as Lunch Lady

  1. I’ve always admired (been jealous) of the amazing lunches you make for Julian! It’s so great to finally hear the story behind them. I wish I could be that creative or have the time to put lunches like that together. Ever since you started posting these pics…I was like Frauke should blog! So glad to see you doing it! Hope all is well! Looks like you are enjoying life!

  2. I want you to make MY lunch, Frauke! What an amazing experience for Julian. He has no idea how lucky he is. Keep it, mama! You rock!

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