In case you missed it (ha!), yesterday was Father’s Day.

It was a celebratory weekend over at the Weston house. Saturday we celebrated Jeff’s birthday with cheesecake, presents, and a bike ride to Prospect Park. Sunday of course was Father’s Day. The boys made cards, and Papa got to sleep in until 7:30am. Yes, no joke. Being a Papa is not for the faint of heart. We are so lucky to have the best Papa I could have ever dreamed up for our boys.

It’s so easy to think of all the sacrifices I make, because I spend all my days with the boys. Goodbye free time, goodbye thoughts in my head, hello constant chatter and doing things for other people at all times and hang on a second, I have to go get someone a snack.

Jeff works very hard for our family. He works long days and then comes home and doesn’t have time to catch his breath. “How was your day, Papa? Was the 1 train crowded? Did you get a seat?” Both boys run to Jeff the second he walks through the door. And then they play while I finish making dinner. Afterwards Julian will ask, “Papa, do you want to do bath or kitchen?” – and so we divide and conquer. Jeff usually brushes teeth and reads a book, and I put the boys to bed.

He is an amazing photographer, but for now he is content taking pictures of our family mostly. No time for anything else. He is a great musician, but as soon as he picks up the guitar or sits down at the piano, there are 20 grabby little fingers that want to join. Instead, he gets down on the floor and plays. He throws dance parties and makes a fool out of himself, which seems frighteningly natural to Jeff. He changes diapers, dries tears, mediates, rocks crying babes, cleans scrapes, wipes hands and mouths constantly (Hello, white couch! You are a reminder of all the things we didn’t know before we had kids.), and he makes the best pizza in the world.

He is a wonderful partner in crime and my favorite person to laugh with. About our silly children, our lives, ourselves, and everything else. Yes, about you, too. And I love nothing more than seeing the bond between him and his boys. They love their Papa so completely.



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