A Day at the Beach, Weston style

We officially kicked off the summer with our first beach day this year!

After a night of heavy drinking with my visiting German cousin (Friday), a huge hangover, a bike ride into Manhattan with the fam and the cousin…


…and a friend’s 40th birthday party at our favorite spot, the Brooklyn Crab (Saturday), we came home exhausted but still needed to pack for the beach. Because a) we don’t have a car, and b) we have a lot of stuff. So we gathered our beachy things, made potato salad and sandwiches, ate a few cookies, and went to bed.

The next morning, after breakfast, we loaded up our laundry cart (classy, I know) with beach stuff and our cooler (food! beer!), threw some kids on top, and off we went to Julian’s favorite place on earth: the subway station. As he will tell you, we took the A to the Shuttle all the way to the beach at Far Rockaway.

Once we found the perfect spot, we set up camp. Blankets, towels, two umbrellas, lots of beach toys. And then we spent the next 5 hours in pure bliss. The weather was perfect; not too hot, not too cold, not too windy. There was a sandbank that was perfect for the boys to play in the water. There were crabs and shells to collect and sand cities to build. I love digging in the sand. It’s one of the reasons I had kids in the first place. We ate our weight in sandwiches, cookies, fruit and potato salad. The boys entertained themselves for a good bit. Arthur by eating fistfuls of sand; it was so delicious, he could not get enough.



Julian played with his trucks and shovels, and other than a brief moment where he could have drowned when he fell face first into the deep end off the sandbank, everything was peachy. That part was not peachy. I’m glad I had my back turned (which is probably why it happened in the first place) and didn’t see my baby face down in a pool of water. Jeff did, and I think it scarred him for life. After the initial shock Julian was fine, Jeff was a bit shaky, but I am totally prepared for Julian to bring up this story in 20 years as his very first memory. And all I will say is that Papa was on duty.




Other than that everyone had a great time. Back home we showered off the sand and had dinner across the street at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Nothing like tacos and beer after a day at the beach. And then everyone (yes, everyone) was in bed by 9pm.


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