Diner Friday

We don’t really have many organized activities to fill our days. When Julian was little, we went to music class (which he kind of rejected; he’s not one for structured music circle chanting) and playdates on a weekly basis. Every day we had something planned. It was nice and gave us a bit of structure.

Then Arthur came along and I quickly learned that structure was my enemy. All of a sudden I could not be on time, ever, even if it killed me. And for a German, being late is just not an option. Someone was always napping longer or shorter than expected, or not at all, or someone pooped as we had one foot out the door or fell to the floor because something really terrible had happened, like it was cold and the kid needed to wear pants. Or something terrible like that.

So this winter we kind of survived. That was it. It wasn’t a great winter; quite the opposite. We were inside a lot. Arthur hated the cold. I can still see tears running down his cheeks from the icy wind. So we played and painted and made music and danced and built forts and watched movies. And then the sun came out, and I knew we had made it.

Julian has been going to school two mornings a week since September. And that is literally the only thing we have “planned” all week. And he is only on time because his Papa brings him, while I can stay at home in my leggings and leisurely read a book and tickle my toes. Just kidding. I haven’t read a book in ages.

We do have one other thing that we do every week. Julian knows what it is. When he wakes up, he asks what day it is, and when I tell him “Friday,” he says, “We go to the diner! It’s Diner Friday!”

And so we do. Every Friday we go to the diner. They know us there. Usually we go with friends, and we’re a group of 3 adults and 5 kids 3 and under. We are the table you don’t want to be too close to.


Sometimes we go alone. Julian gets his beloved pancakes, and everyone is happy for a brief moment in time. Afterwards the kids sometimes get a cookie, and we go to the toy store next door.


The diner is my favorite “activity.” It involves mostly ignoring my kids while they either play with friends, with themselves, not at all, or just eat eat eat. Also, lots of coffee, talking to my friends, and a bagel or french fries or something else that’s really good/bad. Yay for Diner Fridays!

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