Weekending with the Boys

This weekend was go go go, but in a good way. There were four highlights, nestled neatly amongst other fun stuff, like one of Julian’s friend’s birthday party and a baptism bash on a friend’s roof top right next to the Manhattan Bridge, where the boys could admire the trains zipping by every minute. Yes, dreams do come true.


Highlight no. 1:

A date with my best guy. The grown-up best guy. It involved running around in pouring rain, beers, burgers, dessert, and much laughter.

Highlight no. 2:

A bike ride across the Brooklyn Bridge and around the tip of the island.


We stopped at a cool playground to run around and took an ice cream break at Pier 25. Hello, ice cream sandwich.





Then we played soccer. Highlight no. 2 1/2: Arthur’s excitement when he thought he would make it to the ball first, with his wobbly little legs, and then his frustration when it turned out Julian was faster. Again. And again. And again. He just stood there, fists at his side, screaming from the top of his lungs, “Dadadada! Dadadada!” Sorry, kid. You have to be faster. Maybe next year.

We had dinner at the Mexican place across the street. Boys were in bed at 9:30pm. No one complained.

Highlight no. 3:

A Sunday bike ride to Redhook and lunch at one of our favorite spots, Brooklyn Crab. I may or may not have had a whole lobster. Yes, ok, I definitely had a whole lobster. Also, two beers.


Highlight no. 4:

Putting Arthur and Julian to bed Sunday night. I always rock Julian first before he hops into his big boy bed. I rock him for about 10 to 12 seconds. I wish he would stay longer, but he never does. He loves his bed. Then I nurse Arthur. Usually I just lay him down afterwards and move on with my night. Last night I rocked him. His head was against my chest and he just let me hold him. And then he started talking. And talking. “Da?” “Da!” “Dadadada.” “Gagagjagdohmpf.” And I just quietly hummed in response. It was so beautiful. I didn’t want it to end. Then he started blowing raspberries against my neck, and I had to giggle, and Arthur started laughing, and then Julian, and then we were all laughing. And that was the last I heard from my boys Sunday night. Raspberries and laughter.

A perfect end to a perfect weekend.

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