We’re nuts about our little guy. But today we all received a punch to the, you guessed it, nuts.

Arthur has been dealing with skin issues for most of his short sweet life. I’ve taken him to two different dermatologists, his pediatrician, and lately, the allergist. They did a skin test and then a blood test. In my gut I knew that he wasn’t allergic. That his crazy break-outs on his face were coincidental and “just sensitive skin.”

Well, whatever, this mother’s intuition is way off. Because that kid can’t be nuts about nuts, at least not in the foreseeable future. So today we bought a couple of EPI pens, and I learned how to stab my son in the leg should I ever have to. I threw out everything that resembled a walnut, as for Arthur that is the worst nut on the face of the earth. Most other nuts suck, too. I will have to find a good granola recipe that won’t give my son hives or worse. For now, as he still nurses, I am cutting all nuts out of my diet. Which is sad. We eat lots of nuts around here. Nuts, nuts, nuts. 

So…while that was a big bummer today, I do feel relieved that we finally have some answers, and I know what to do to help my kid. And frankly, when I take a look around us and see what other families are struggling with, I’ll gladly take this little nutty glitch. It could be so much worse. 

Meanwhile, of course, Arthur is still nuts, in every sense of the word. 


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