What a difference a year makes

A year ago I was enjoying my hospital vacation cuddling and nursing you, my almost 10 pound baby boy. You came out looking identical to your brother. You were so new, and smelled so good; you fit just right on my chest and were a pro at nursing from moment you were placed in my arms. A year ago today we were inseparable, getting to know each other, and I was busy feeling your warm, soft skin on mine.


Today, one year later, was quite different. You woke up to a song and birthday presents (a guitar and a bubble machine – both huge hits). You had a cupcake and a brother to help you blow out your candle. You chased bubbles at the playground with friends, went down the slide head first, spit out salmon and inhaled cheese, sweet potato, avocado, and blueberries. You hit the swings with your brother, walked on the Promenade, and kicked a soccer ball around at Cadman Plaza. You had your very first taste of ice cream, from an ice cream truck, naturally. Vanilla with rainbow sprinkles. It would have been a total hit, had it not been so cold. Damn you, ice cream. You hit your head on a sharp corner. You giggled and laughed all day long. You screamed for “mamamamamama”, your beloved banana.



Oh, Arthur. A year ago I couldn’t have predicted the child you would become. I am so glad you are the way you are. What a whirlwind, crazy monkey, wild child you are – with such a sweet and gentle side and the bestest laugh of all. You have made this year crazy wonderful.

Happy birthday, baby.


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