Birthday Extravaganza

This year, Julian’s birthday fell on a Sunday. Lucky boy. So we kicked off the birthday weekend with a special surprise: a ride in Julian’s favorite of favorites, the beloved Mini Cooper. We’ve all learned to embrace the Mini. We count them all day long, we know all the different styles and note the various things people do to pimp up their Mini. Julian has two small toy Minis that he plays with every day.

So of course our boy was over the moon once he realized that he would get to ride in one! It was the perfect way to kick off the weekend. Jeff, Julian, and Uncle Brian squeezed into the Mini Cooper and drove to New Jersey for cousin Benjamin’s birthday bash.


Arthur and I stayed behind and baked and prepped for the boys’ birthday party the next day. It’s always so nice to have some one-on-one time with my babe. I love me some Arthur time; I can’t get enough of him. He was a good baking companion and busied himself carrying everything and anything from the kitchen to the living room and back again. We took frequent breaks to chase each other and giggle.

Saturday night, after the boys were finally in bed, Jeff and I had some beers and assembled Julian’s big boy bed. Really, it is the tiniest bed you will ever see, which is perfect because the boys share the tiniest bedroom you will ever see. But it fits Julian just fine, and he is so in love with it. He saw it first thing Sunday morning in the living room, with his other present on top (a rocket ship, that’s what he wanted), and exclaimed, “Oh my! Oh boy!” He hopped in immediately, as did his little brother. He’s napped in it twice now and slept one night, and so far no problem. He fell out once last night, all the way to the ground, like all 3 inches to the ground. It was a surprisingly loud thud but didn’t even wake him. He climbed right back in.



We had a great big party for the boys, and it was so much fun. We had everyone over to our house, 10 kids and their parents, so it was a tight squeeze, but everyone got along so well and the kids played nicely. We had pizza and cupcakes and cake – and a piñata. The kids loooooved that piñata. Everyone took a stab at breaking the donkey’s neck and getting to the good stuff. Towards the end, Julian gave his rendition of “New York, New York” – a true crowd pleaser.





Arthur was a handful, trying to shove juice boxes and beer bottles into his mouth all day. He got to have his first taste of cupcake and enjoyed it thoroughly. Lucky kid gets to celebrate all over again when he turns the big *1* on Wednesday. Party non-stop at his crib, I tell ya.


After everyone had left, the boys had their baths and jammies on, we opened presents. Then the kids were off to bed, and Jeff and I cleaned the minefield everyone had left behind. And then we crashed.

This morning I woke up feeling 100% hungover. Kid parties are exhausting!

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